Dismantling Joints Installation Instructions

Installation instructions

Step 1. Check the package and appearance of the product to ensure that it has not been damaged during the transport and that no parts have been lost.

Step 2. Check the flange to which dismantling joint fits. Make sure it matches the bore of the product flange. Nominal pressure must be consistent.

Step 3. Remove the pull rod bolts from dismantling joint, loosen the nut, and take the pull rod bolts so that the pipe moves freely in the body of flange connection.

Step 4. Move dismantling joint between the flanges to be assembled. There is a O ring gasket between the flange and the flange for sealing. Use flange bolts to secure the flange end of dismantling joint fix the flange end which need attach. Screw the bolt tightly.

Step 5. Connect the flange spigot to the opposite mating flange. Flange type O gaskets and added between the flange faces and bolted together with flange bolts.

Step 6. After bolts connect flange, self sealing of dismantling joint put into the program. At first in the middle of rubber seals with lubricant to ensure that the intermediate flange and intermediate sealing ring slide to the location, and check the small self connection bolt gasket and nut.

Step 7. Insert the pull rod bolts. (Note: if no rod bolts, the product is not limited.) Each rod has 4 nuts at assembly. When the pull rod is inserted, the bolt is connected with the nut. The pull rod bolt the connector is equal to meet the requirements of the flanges at both ends. The other nut tightening on the joint after tightening rod nut so as to complete the installation.

Step 8. Evenly press the bolt on the press in the alternating direction of the screw until it reaches the recommended torque. Wait ten minutes, then torque.


Common installation problems

1. The bolt is not tight to meet the requirement torque.

2. A small piece of rock debris between seals or gaskets.

3. Dirt on bolts or nuts causes problems with nut fastening.

4. The short distance is inserted by the spigot pipe.

5. Incorrect mating flange.